At an attractive location in the heart of Novi Sad, there is an unusual space that skilfully combines a barber shop, café, club and a modern street food concept. Puberaj is located in Mite Ružića Street, and in addition to haircuts, you can enjoy a great atmosphere at parties and gigs here. Here you will […]

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Dom Kulture

On the site of the former institution of Dom Kulture in the heart of Novi Sad, at 4 Ignjata Pavlasa Street next to the Youth Theatre, there is a club space of the same name intended for holding concerts, parties and performances. Dom Kulture was opened in September 2019 and since then it has hosted

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Pero Bar

In the heart of Novi Sad, at 5 Zmaj Jovina Street, is the authentic Pero bar. The bar at the very end of Passage 5 stands out for its alternative spirit, and besides the variety of music genres and excellent craft beers, guests can relax with some of the local wines from the menu, cocktails

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Club Tunnel

Inside the walls of the Petrovaradin Fortress, there is Club Tunnel, where the energy of contemporary sound merges with the past. The story of Club Tunnel begins with the desire to develop and expand the underground music movement in Novi Sad, becoming not only a symbol of the current generation, but also of those yet

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Absolut Club

ABSOLUT Club is located in the very centre of Novi Sad, in the pedestrian zone, on the first floor at 12 Zmaj Jovina Street. When it was opened in December 1995, ABSOLUT Club brought a new perspective on hospitality in Novi Sad. It is located in an adapted salon apartment of 92 m2 and its

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Café bar Diego

Café bar Diego is an interesting, hidden, small place in the passage of Zmaj Jovina Street in the very centre of Novi Sad. Among the locals, it is also known as ‘former Frida’, and it has been in this place for over a decade. What is specific is its authenticity – it is tastefully arranged,

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Kod Fazana 1822

Kod Fazana is the first restaurant mentioned in the archives of the city of Novi Sad in 1822, and now, after more than 200 years, it has reopened in the same place, at 9 Njegoševa Street in the centre of the Vojvodina capital. It is precisely because of the restaurant that Njegoševa Street was named

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Café Porta

Café Porta is a pleasant place to relax in the heart of Novi Sad, next to one of the highest symbols of Novi Sad – the Church of the Name of Mary, better known as the Cathedral. Café Porta with a long tradition confirms the synergy of architecture and hedonism in the epicentre of Novi

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Tavern Lipa

One of the oldest taverns in Novi Sad, full of tradition and tried-and-tested catering recipe, is located at 9 Svetozara Miletića Street in the centre of Novi Sad. The tavern is a former typical example of the city’s cultural milieu, which it has managed to preserve to this day. With its appearance, Lipa cultivates and

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City Hall

The City Hall is one of the most beautiful and imposing buildings in Liberty Square, in the very heart of the capital of Vojvodina, and is a symbol of Novi Sad’s rich cultural heritage. Built in 1895 in the Neo-Renaissance style, according to the project of the Hungarian architect György Molnar, the City Hall is

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