December 2016

New Year's celebration 2017 in Novi Sad will be remembered as a premiere festival concept under the name "2New!" Also, within Children's New Year opera for children will be performed in the open in the Danube Park. The association "High C", which consists of eight opera singers, including members of the Opera of the Serbian National Theatre and vocal pedagogues from the Academy and Music Schools, and one pianist, will perform opera for children “Little Red

In the year when Novi Sad became the European Capital of Culture 2021 and European Youth Capital 2019 it will, for the first time, organize festival New Year's Eve program prepared by the team "Novi Sad 2021". The new concept of the celebration of New Year and Christmas holidays called "2 New!" during four days at four city locations - Liberty Square, Republic Square, the Danube Park and Studio M - will feature more than 100

For the New Year celebration the City of Novi Sad will grant its citizens with the performance of one of the biggest stars from the region, Zdravko Čolić, while Serbian New Year will welcome with a concert of the legendary and world renowned world music brass band of Boban Marković. It was announced today at a press conference held in the City Hall in Novi Sad, where the New Year program organized by the City