November 2021

Twenty three applications have been approved within the public call for financing the implementation of art programmes in the spaces for independent cultural creative processes wthin the ‘Doček’ programme arch. The aim of the call was to support performers, established and marginalised art groups, i.e. groups of marginalised individuals, while it has been dedicated to programmes that will be implemented within the opening ceremony of the year of the capital of culture, during the ‘Doček’ programme

Four years ago, Novi Sad welcomed New Year’s Eve from a mere party, and got the brand Doček, unique in Europe, combining the two celebrations of New Year’s Eve. With different programme and production approaches, and art quality, Doček positioned Serbian Athens as the future European Capital of Culture, selecting 13 January and 31 December 2022 as the time slots of the opening ceremony, i.e. the closing ceremony of the title year.

Novi Sad is the winner of the European Trend Brand of the Year 2021, within the European Cultural Brand Awards 2021, the competition held for the 16th time in Dresden. Novi Sad became the first city in this part of Europe that bore the title, having in mind that the winners have been from Western Europe such as Paris, Munich, Berlin, Oslo and others so far. Thanks to Novi Sad, Serbia found itself in the company of four Western European countries which, since the awards were given, have had their representatives – Germany, France, Italy, Norway.