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Represented through the difference in measuring time, as well as two calendars - Gregorian and Julian, these two programme concepts, two New Year’s Eves, will also be different. The celebration of the year 2018 will take place on 31 December during the entire day, mostly in open spaces and in the city centre, while the year 7526 will be celebrated on the eve of 13 January, only in closed space, and it will be spread across

Within the celebration of the year 7526, the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation organises the first among several projects in cooperation with Osijek - the city candidate for the Croatian European Capital of Culture 2020. Through the exchange of experiences in the candidacy process, Osijek and Novi Sad are building cultural values that can inspire envy of any European city.

Therefore, for the celebration of the year 7526, Dušan Svilar will sing for the soul, accompanied by brilliant tamburitza orchestras from Osijek and Novi Sad. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to come to Studio M and hear the famous tamburitza songs that will make people smile and encourage them to sing together.